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Partner With Us

Organizational/Business Partnerships at the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment

Are you eager to create a lasting impact in the community, one that transforms the lives of girls and young women?

At the Jean Augustine Centre for Young Women’s Empowerment, we are dedicated to forging meaningful partnerships that drive positive change in the lives of the girls and young women (aged 7-17) we are privileged to serve. Our collaborative opportunities extend to organizations and businesses who share our commitment to giving back to the community. 

Discover the wealth of benefits that come with partnering with us:

  1. Empowering Girls & Young Women: Our collaborative efforts directly contribute to the empowerment of girls and young women, equipping them with the confidence and leadership skills needed to thrive.
  2. Elevate Community Credibility: A partnership with us elevates your organization’s standing within the community, underscoring a dedication to advancing the cause of young women’s empowerment.
  3. Resource Synergy: Through resource and expertise sharing, our partnership maximizes the impact of your programs and initiatives, fostering a stronger, collective influence.
  4. Embrace Different Perspectives: As a potential partner, you’ll gain valuable insights from our youth with our women-focused programs, enriching your approach to addressing critical gender-related issues, fostering innovation and inclusivity.
  5. Tap into Local Insight: Leverage our deep-rooted knowledge of the community to craft tailored and effective solutions that directly benefit young women in the area.
  6. Youth Engagement: Our partnership provides a unique opportunity for direct engagement with girls and young women, offering mentorship and unwavering support as they journey towards their goals.

We’re delighted to collaborate with community partners, recognizing that collective efforts enhance our community impact. To streamline this process and ensure efficiency in connecting with us regarding partnership opportunities, we have standardized our approach. We kindly request all potential partners to complete our online pre-screening registration form.

Join us in the empowering journey of transforming young lives and making a profound impact on our community.

Together, we can create a brighter future for the girls and young women we serve.